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Martin Cray and Co. is a firm of solicitors based in Brighton covering the whole of the South East of the United Kingdom including London. The firm specialises in privately funded divorce, crime, Wills and probate. We have solicitors dealing with crime, probate, the drafting of Wills and litigation involving European companies particularly Spain, France and Germany.

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Martin Cray & Co

About Martin Cray & Co

The firm’s specialist expertise stems from Martin Cray who deals with litigation, particularly crime and divorce.

Martin Cray is a Higher Courts Advocate, Solicitor of the Supreme Court, with extended rights of audience in all civil and criminal Courts.

The firm has significant expertise concerning criminal cases before the Magistrates Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal, always privately funded, often for businesses. The firm’s experience in criminal law is vast.

Martin Cray has particular expertise and experience in cases involving professional negligence including doctor’s cases before the General Medical Council, up to the Privy Council, also disciplinary matters involving not only doctors but also veterinary surgeons, pharmacists and solicitors.

The firm’s emphasis in dealing with cases is firstly to clearly understand the problem, attempt to reach an amicable resolution but then to commit to litigation with the sincere hope that during the course of the litigation the opponent will be convinced that an amicable compromise is best, and, as a result, to conclude the case. The cost of litigation is so great that every effort needs to be made to reach a compromise but if the opponent is simply not willing to be reasonable then a total commitment to litigation is the only course.